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Fire Stopping

A firestop or fire-stopping is a form of passive fire protection that is used to seal voids and gaps around service penetrations and between joints, in a fire rated compartment wall or floor assembly. Firestops are designed to maintain the integrity of a wall or floor assembly allowing it to impede the passage of fire and smoke.
A firestop is much more than just ‘sealing it up’, it is essential that the correct materials are used and are installed correctly into the building fabric to restrict the spread of fire and smoke for a designated period of time.

I-BOS have recently added fire stopping to our list of services and provide full certification of our installations through the UKAS accredited FIRAS scheme, along with comprehensive handover documents detailing the full installation process. This addition to our services, has sprung from the importance of our fire door installations, after all, it is no good having a fully certified door installation if the wall in which it is installed is not compliant.

All our installations are electronically recorded and once complete, the client receives a full comprehensive handover document with each seal uniquely numbered with corresponding photographs, giving them the essential trail of documentation of proof of a correctly installed fire stop.

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